November 8, 2017 ,

Walkers. Power n Otherwise.

Walkers. Power n Otherwise.

A person kits themselves up
with the latest designer
walk assist gear.

fluoro Lycra vests,
water bottles,
head bands . . . and –
bouncy boots

They then take to the road,
singly and in droves.

Alls well ’til other
road traffic is impeded by;

  1. Noticeably slower progress
  2. The inability to stay their side of the white line.
  3. Walkways constantly ignored
    it’s considered legally fair enough
    to mix other vehicular traffic.
    Including road trains.
    Albeit dangerous, but RIGHT!? OK!?

Tension mounts.

Worldwide Rights activist groups
comment powerfully on social media.

Walker supply companies
lobby political parties.

Transport & city commuter
timetables thrown out the window

Road rage is rife

Cops ignore another barrage
of protests as walkies
add another rash
of irreconcilable complaints
to their pile.

All this.
To be continued I’m sure.

John Taylor’s novel “The Ute”

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October 4, 2017

Spring Time in the Valley

Spring Time in the Valley

Well it’s spring time in the valley
And fresh buds start to bloom
Spring time in the valley
And we’re all voting soon

Fresh buds burst along the lines
of old entrenched swan valley lines

Spring time in the valley
Voting times real soon.

Where ‘ere you place your preferences
or which candidates preferred.

It’s Spring time in the valley
“Those on the Swan” prefer.


John Taylor’s novel “The Ute”

the ute book by john taylor now available at

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August 17, 2017

Dual Citizenship

“ Dual Citizenship ”

Additional problems may occur
regarding dual citizenship
political management
when for example
as some aboriginals push
through on their quest
to have their flag & law recognised
in Australian courts.

Some Followers of Islam
are hell bent
by bomb or breed
to live by their law
& custom in Australia.

And of course many other
parts of the world
Aboriginals and Muslims
who follow and abide
their law and customs
would then become
dual citizens

unable to hold
federal political office
in Australia.

Wonder how long this would last
in our wonderful lucky country?

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the ute book by john taylor now available at

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June 2, 2017

The Shearer

“ The Shearer ”

Listen to JT recite his poem …

He won’t push back the bat wings
On a catchin’ pen no more
Flick rivers of sweat from his brow
As he yanks the hand-piece chord

And the bottle he drank at cut-out
Will never taste the same no more
Cos he’s opted for the haul-pack
And ‘dozer on the mine
Working day or night shift
And he’s lost the rhythm of time

An air-conditioned coach cruise
Out to work and back
Doesn’t hold a candle
To a shearer’s truck on track
Rushin’ sandy crossings
Shovin’ pushin’ back and fillin’
Another shed next week.

He won’t push back the bat wings
On a catchin’ pen no more
But I’ll bet he’ll sit and reminisce
Of all the sheep he’d shore
Of ev’ry track he travel’d
As he rove from shed to shed
Of every yarn was ever ‘ad
Round every cut-out keg

John Taylor’s novel, “The Ute” – now under $5

the ute book by john taylor now available at

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May 4, 2017



We have countries
In the blip of our world
In the universe who have / had
Little or no regard
For other countries’ customs / culture

These countries have demonstrated
Personal entitlement

  • borders
  • resources
  • religions

From time immemorial.

And very little has changed
Apart from a feeble,
Ongoing attempt
By a League of Nations
Headed by a well known
World identity

Bi-annually plucked
From a list of other well-knowns
To head this toothless tiger
Of a now United Nations Assembly
In enforcing humanitarian values
On planet earth

People who are equally intent
On forcing their greed for power and prosperity

  • machete,
  • machine gun and
  • guided atomic missiles

On other planet earth people.

In this flurry of misadventure,
Toe-to-toe situations
Have escalated
To full on

The distasteful word War,
Has been watered down,
In an attempt to camouflage
The reality of murder
And mayhem
That exists
Amongst our many;

  • lunatic,
  • greedy,
  • feeble


Mind’s eye attempt at management.
Which in many cases
Has proved no less
Than an ego-based race
In property development

And baseless congratulatory speeches
Blurring public service time
In a haze of smog
Shielding the reality
Of their handing-over
(A hollow, clanging baton)
To the next ineffectual leaders
Commencement of equally-ineffective
Time in office.

JT “May the 4th Be With You”

My novel “The Ute” – now under $5

the ute book by john taylor now available at

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