November 4, 2015

Better to Unfetter

Better to Unfetter

Better to unfetter
‘n let ’em run again.
Clear the mess of red tape
that chains ’em to the ground
‘n let em free to cast about,
runnin’ with the hounds.

Untwine the reins the beaurocrats
have held in tight for years
‘n give the boys a go again
sat in the saddle free.
And let em run n capture
back our land, once ours ‘n free.

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May 1, 2015


Competition out there slowly slides
As competitors make out their miles
And mateships form on long horizons
Daylight ‘n’ dawn ‘n’ bits between
Mingle in with long lost nights
Straps ‘n’ chains ‘n’ checkin’ tyres
And as it goes ‘n’ slowly slides
As competition slowly mires
‘Til all is said ‘n’ quietly done
In battery chook oblivion.

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April 17, 2015

Anzac Spirit

We’ve lost the Anzac spirit
That got us where we’re at
We’ve sacrificed the sacrifice.
Those never made it back.

We’ve lost the Anzac spirit
Broke the battlers cast
Replaced tradition with a reset button,
on a faceless computer mask.

They banned the use of common sense,
abolished ‘ave a go.
‘Til all is level ‘n’ all’s complete
‘n’ no one has a go.

Work Safe’s disastrous duty
of care ‘n’ pre-start meetings,
All meet there.
Shifting idly foot to foot.
Ticking off each box by rote,
each inane pre-dawn parade.

Replaced tradition with a faceless mask.
Sacrificed the battlers cast.

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February 9, 2015


In the business of a partner.
Nearly anyone will do
If partner’s balance up the play and Roll along as two
A K partner or C or Q
so long as life rolls on as two.

A P for partner, H or Z
would be alright it seems,
so long as everything’s up-front,
Not just an idle dream.

As partners merge in streams of time,
understanding down the line
requests and needs in harmony,
colours fade black to white.
As life’s requests and needs are met.
Rehearsing out the dream.

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February 2, 2015

They Will Go Forever

They will go forever
Following the line
On and on wherever
Load ‘er up and try
Rivers running bankers,
cross mountains as they fly.
Down a range on bull dust flats.
Hours and days crawl by.
Lost out in the loneliness
Of guide post silent nights
Welcome morning star appears,
heralding first light.

They will go forever
Following the line.

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Better to Unfetter
Anzac Spirit
They Will Go Forever