November 8, 2017 ,

Walkers. Power n Otherwise.

Walkers. Power n Otherwise.

A person kits themselves up
with the latest designer
walk assist gear.

fluoro Lycra vests,
water bottles,
head bands . . . and –
bouncy boots

They then take to the road,
singly and in droves.

Alls well ’til other
road traffic is impeded by;

  1. Noticeably slower progress
  2. The inability to stay their side of the white line.
  3. Walkways constantly ignored
    it’s considered legally fair enough
    to mix other vehicular traffic.
    Including road trains.
    Albeit dangerous, but RIGHT!? OK!?

Tension mounts.

Worldwide Rights activist groups
comment powerfully on social media.

Walker supply companies
lobby political parties.

Transport & city commuter
timetables thrown out the window

Road rage is rife

Cops ignore another barrage
of protests as walkies
add another rash
of irreconcilable complaints
to their pile.

All this.
To be continued I’m sure.

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May 15, 2015

Black Fellas

Waiting on the moment
Listening for the word
Idly scanning watching
Blue black bloodshot orbs

Casually gazing,
observing body talk,
languid movements watching
Energy conserved,

Watching, will they let it go.
Waiting on the moment
Listening for the word
Idly scanning watching
Blue black bloodshot orbs.

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March 2, 2015 ,

Slap and Tickle

Slap and Tickle’s carting super,
Slap and Tickle’s carting grain
Launching, loaded off a gravel
ridge at Erragula plain.

Heading for the highway,
bins a good way off,
sou-wester kicking gently in,
following road trains.

Silos rearing skywards,
bull pen line-ups chock-a-block.
White caps tumble endlessly,
grain ships anchored off.

Road trains inching slowly,
Grain receival gratings flow,
grids bared, polished silver
as trailers unload and go.

Tip bins joggle on their mounts.
Heading back, back further out.
Nest of field bins, chasers race,
‘longside headers pouring grain.

Slap and Tickle’s loaded
Roll tarps firmly clipped in place.
Off she roars
back in the race

Slap and Tickle had a refit,
Engines done a million K
the chassis and cross members
showed a bit of pain.

Sand blast and a paint job,
tensioned up against the strain,
Slap and Tickle back-loads super
with each load of golden grain.

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