October 20, 2014


We love our sunburnt country
with her droughts and flooding rains.
Her wild outback horizons,
cyclones add to the strain.

We tolerate our pollies,
as they skim the coffers bare.
Tipping back the argument
as if they were not there.

We’d love our sunburnt country.
With fewer shark attacks,
without the crocs out lurking
on people for a snack.

We loved our sunburnt country
where people had a go,
don’t whine and bludge
and carry on
as if they own the show!!

Our surf lifesavers, internationally best.
Our navy sports lifesavers vests.

Reel ’em in, off Indons beach.
life support starts right out there!!
Dole, free rent and, Medicare.

We love our sunburnt country,
as least as much as they.

But it is ours, our snakes and crocs,
to vent our spleen on those that’s green
and cull the bludgers from the mob.

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