April 12, 2022

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers slowly fading out,
of a work force they turned about,
mechanicians with an eye for change
from manual loading horse and dray.

Sketches Sketched on work shop floors
metal moulded off the forge in mud guards,
Diffs n sheet steel cabs,
wind up windows, sliding doors.

Baby Booming ain’t the same,
Work Safe put a stop to that,
JSA’s n take 5 forms filled out
before on how ya take a crap.

Certificated tools n cords,
checked on by the safety Bloke
who’d a been regarded as a joke
in days gone by long gone before.

The Baby Boomers toiled and built
adapted tools unencumbered by the rules👎
🎶Before we didn’t know we couldn’t🎶”

Echoed forth in Bugle blasts
attending wars showing the way,
back home @ last to clear
the land they’d fought
n saved to call their own.

The Bugles silent,
no ones home to be or care,
most gone FIFO or kickin’
back on Social care.

Baby Boomers race is run,
snake oil sales, mean girl
smooth talk plot Australia’s
shaky course
in a world crying out for change,
locked on line on J. S. A.

JT 🙏

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Baby Boomers