April 14, 2014

Butter Box Acco’s

When butter box acco prime movers, Perkins powering the drive.
And 900 nylon cross-ply Tyres, considered, best down the line.
And the road and load, close average, was well stacked the other side.
And it stretched forever before you, well known
from before on your mind.

Winding around on the ridges, slogging cross bull-dust flats,
dipping in creeks and gutters, always coming back.
On line with far horizons, meandering distant tracks.
Now butter box acco prime movers have moved way past their prime.

Legendary loads and drivers.
Immortalized down the line.
Painted in glowing detail, accomplishments out on the track.
Bolstering last loads achievements, disasters coped there and back.
Butter box acco prime movers, paid a fair price as they plied.
Every road and load in Australia, making
It back in good time.

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