June 9, 2014


Embracing cultures,
through village and towns.
Outskirts of cities,
wending through and round.

Picking the right side
on through the drive.
Cultural indifference
take it all in your stride.

Levelling out
with glasses of ale,
on in the night
everyone has their tale.

Tales in a language,
bit hard to grasp.
Along with arm waving,
palms up, poker face mask.

Eyes rolling upsides
neck arched well back,
universal language
we all grasp, answer back.

Breakfast’s laid out
in long Bain Marie’s.
croissants n bacon
if ones lucky.

Same group from the bar,
files slowly in place,
nodding politely,
last night’s drinking mates.

Taxis ‘n’ hire-cars
depart the front gate,
concierge holds the keys,
safe for their return.

Off to the sites,
touring the town,
mingling with people,
all walks of life.

Try pick the right side,
out on the drive

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