December 29, 2014


No numbers on the tables
Few street lights on the street.
White lines on the roadways,
Few seatbelts on the seats.

Cops are few and far between,
life’s a breeze as breezes blow,
floating round in Greece.

Pay as you leave the cafe or
tour out on the sea,
every one is cheerful,
service next to none.

Traditionally they’re fisho’s
Living by the sea,
boats moored off,
net and lines stacked ready,
tonight’s catch guaranteed.

Tourists fly and ferry,
arriving day and night,
long line from the harbour
relaxing from their flight.

Gazing past the landing,
headlands out to sea,
distant vessels plying trade routes,
steady as they steam.

Life’s a breeze as breezes blow,
floating round in Greece.

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