March 26, 2021

Industry On The Swan

Industry On The Swan

There’s backyards in the valley
Right on the southern end
And the shire dump all their product
For road making and such.
There’s a steady stream of traffic
Carting to and fro and the rigs are getting bigger
Thanks to Charlton, Court and correct.

Now they’ve planned a new schoolhouse
‘Tween the mill and brickyard lights
And you should see the line up
At 9am to 3 each night.
There’s Volvos and Mercedes and every make between
With carry cots and safety seats.
And baby sleeping signs
As they vie for position with no passing lane,
Depositing their older kids, dodging north and south road train,
Dodging tippers carting clay in,
Dodging brick trucks heading out
And the shire joins the antics carting tar and stone about
And up and down the valley there’s black marks on the road
Where the housewife or the farmers tangled with a heavy load.

And you’ll hear the hiss of air brakes and the klaxon horns command
As he drops down half a dozen gears and directs the rig around.

This process is repeated throughout the valley drive
And it’s a credit to the drivers there’s not some loss of life.

It’s great to see light industry flourishing on the Swan;
Great to be part of it involved here on the Swan.

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