July 7, 2014

International Wheel

International wheel-n-deal.
From a worker’s point of view.
One understands the advantage of a fit, healthy work force.
It’s wonderful to see Australian entrepreneurs out competing successfully, in big offshore business.
One wonders about the health of many of these Australian entrepreneurs who are obviously way out of condition!
And if they were required to fly to site on a commercial jet, would not pass the single seat test & very likely require fork lift assistance to embark & disembark!

Which of course brings us to the next step.

The Private Biz jet!
At what cost to the Company I’m employed, and to what advantage with the incredible line up of highly competitive efficient Australian airline operators.
Frankly from a workers point of view.
I’m concerned about my mortgage, super and the rapidly disappearing quality oil, gas & ore.
In addition we have seen high-power biz entrepreneurs leave Australia, take up residence & swear allegiance to their new adopted country.


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