September 1, 2014

Life’s Highway

Mind keeps wandrin’ further back.
Hectic learning, time well packed,
with observations on the road
as life unrolls and comments publicly unfold
as days ‘n’ weeks turn on the dial,
of life ‘n’ times movin’ on.

Movin’ on, when nought mattered,
cards dealt out for all to see,
for what see’s worth,
a royal flush’s not
a tinker’s curse on life
as time speeds merrily.

Learning from first light of day, till after dark,
heads in a spin and poker-faced one can but grin
and battle on with the charade of knowing
public looks parade.

As appointment scrolls unfold,
and appointers comment scolds
and retribution mounts
’til all is in turmoil within
and so with stoic steadfast grin
it’s sally forth on life’s highway,
beckoning its lamp-lit way,
reflecting stars upon their course,
‘n’ friendships won,
some lost in space.

Surging forth tunes lessons learnt
or lost, unseen,
stacked up in a memory box.
To be drawn on as we play.
Out our life on life’s highway.

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