November 17, 2014

Livin’ the Dream

Hobbled down
Shuffflin’ in
From way out back
Where we begin

Siftin’ through the wheat from chaff.
Steady Steady, establishing.

Hobbled down, guided in.
Long wings in sight.

Hidden ‘mongst fluoro lights ‘n’ boom access, denying rights.
Herding onwards day n night, in fluoro
Garb, toward the wing.

Hidden ‘mongst clip board staff.
JSA’s and OC health stuff
That never ever mounts to much,
in apart from taking up our day

in tickin’ boxes,
linin’ up from aeroplanes
to gettin’ grub ‘n’ don’t forget

we’ve fly buy points that take us further in our quest
experiencing much more than the rest,
in this scramble where we live ‘n’ work,
if call it live ‘n’ work’s where we’re at.

Tickin’ boxes n OC health
stuff ‘n’ smorgasboards ‘n’ linin’ up.
Three more sleeps,
I’m pissin’ off,
back to reality.

Which when I reckon lining up
in dreams ‘n’ schemes
‘n’ could’a been
‘n’ fly buy points
‘n’ distant dreams.
And my how time goes
flying by with
fly buy points
spent ‘fore you fly

and JSA’s a way of life,
boom gates recording day to day
still in the wing we trudge away,
never quite gettin’ gettaway

from fluoro lights
‘n’ OC health stuff
‘n’ guide lines drawn indelibly
of how your life’s planned out to be.

Workin’ slowly long the wing
of life’s best practice as they see.
By those in charge of would’a be!
We’re now hard up upon the wing,
sludging on
in this old dream
of live ‘n’ work,

if live ‘n’ work is what it’s at.
Out on the mine

“livin’ the dream”

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