May 8, 2015

Peel Back the Layers

There was a time
There were some fights;
Not for fun – maybe not right;
Simply fighting to survive,
Surviving in a way few knew:
Uncomplicated, unrestrained
Open road on life’s highways,
Hard on your heels,
A baying pack,
Bail up quarry;
Want ’em back,
Back from the ranges and gullies behind
Out from craggy mountain divides.

Bad times making sad times,
Bad times getting worse.
Tunnel light flicks, almost lost.

Laugh down the barrel,
Dare ’em to shoot,
Advisin’ ’em gently
To shoot straight and true;
Otherwise, eternity’s racing at you

Peel back the layers
Of callous and grime,
Peel back the layers
On muscle and mind,
Unfolding a collage
Of people and times.

Searching for something,
Perhaps the next ride,
Fixed on a carousel,
Steam building inside.

Massage on muscle,
Unlayering minds.
Wheeling, rotating,
Thrusting in line.
Music exhales,
Notes catch and unwind,
Swirl in the breeze,
Notes caught in a mind.

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