September 10, 2018



john taylor poetWe had a bit of back n forward
on face book n mobile line.

Discussing Flying Doctors service
over years n flying time.

They’re gearing up with new jet planes
and faster G. P. S controlled response times,
for accidents that happen,
outback most anytime.

Arrangements can be organised
to land on designated highway strips
with blue lights from the nearest town,
finally standing by and communities and station
strips are OK authorised

But gone the days the flying Doc
homed in on spinifex
smoked up fire, dead reckoning
in on approximate
directions across the Pedal
flying doctors wireless line.

Landing on a clay pan
where the patient, painfully resides.
Administering pain killers,
strapping dislocated, broken bones,
best for their next ride.

Their next ride back to hospital
Their next ride back to town,
maybe flying further, specialist Medico’s
down the line.

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