August 11, 2014

In the Boardroom

Sitting up high in the board room
Wood grain walled inside
Panoramic vistas passing,
Miles fly quietly by.

Cool breeze wafting gently,
Air-con up high,
Shimmering flats and ranges.
Disappear far behind

Sitting up high in the boardroom
Rolling on through the night
Morning star slow appearing
Out east in soft daylight

Another day at the office
Tending direction and drive
Another long day in your stride
Backed off on kerb sided Roadways.

Stop and go flashing lights
Hemmed in by lemming-like traffic
Loaded, just let her fly
Out through stop and go traffic
Out where your loaded and fly.
On and on through the night.

Another star in the morning,
Hanging on first light.
Diamond stud in the dawning,
Lost right out on first light.

Another day at the office.
Tending direction and drive

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In the Boardroom