January 26, 2015 ,

Hanging Around

Hanging round a truck yard,
waiting on a load.
Moonlight beaming gently.
Seasons ebb and flow.

Gleaming chrome and Alloy
bull bars in the night.
Polished rims and shiny studs
holding them on tight.

Ice packs diesel chatter.
Welcomes in the night,
Comfort in the knowing,
mozzies held back tonight.

A coupla cans you’d reckon,
Bit of time to think.
A couple more till nothing matters,
just get off and sleep.

Start up on the morrow,
Shaking musky heads
Just get up and into it.
Thinking up ahead.

Hanging round a truck yard,
coming on daylight,
People moving, doing,
getting on with life.

Following the roadway, following the life.
Upfront oñ the business,
Busy business life.

Hooking in, trailers swing,
Had a taste last night, ice paks Working wonderfully.
Pull up, what’s left the night.

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Hanging Around