March 23, 2015 ,


The shadows are extending,
laying flat as the sun slides.
Close on the horizon,
darkening countryside.

Rib bone gullies tapered
on the ranges slowly merge
as darkness dresses slowly
before a soft white moon.

Rising slowly beaming softly,
rekindling light and space
in an outback amphitheatre,
boulders jumbled ’round the place.

Scudding moonlight probing,
leaving pockets cross the range
in deeps of dark till daylight,
bursts out cross the plain.

Chasing dark from rib bone
gullies tapered down
rock strewn range
as sunlight forges up and onwards
proclaiming brand new day.

Toppling on its zenith,
descending through the day.
Slowly giving over to
a full moon night display.

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