December 22, 2014


Sleep will overtake me
If I pause awhile.
Resting for a moment
As moments fly on by,
Soaking up the sunshine.
Gleaming through dense leaves.
Muscles relax slowly
Poised on edge to leave.

Drifting through each layer
of gently shifting sand.

Embedded in a mould of clay,
suspended where you lay.
Swathed in quiet solitude,
hours tick slowly by,
lulled by intermittent breeze,
washed over by tides.

Completely overtaken,
Picaninny dawn’s arrived.
Morning stars a slivered gleaming steel,
above an orange oval sky.
Unseen by sleeping forms below,
gentle dreams
as sleep thoughts ebb and flow.

Resting for the moment
as moment’s flow on by.

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December 15, 2014 ,


Comfort comes in closing
Last bits of the day
Panoramic sunset
gives to milky way

and an ocean rolls forever
in star lights bright display.

Dozing off and dreaming
twitching in half sleep
poised half start tomorrow
before darkness retreats

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