February 2, 2015

They Will Go Forever

They will go forever
Following the line
On and on wherever
Load ‘er up and try
Rivers running bankers,
cross mountains as they fly.
Down a range on bull dust flats.
Hours and days crawl by.
Lost out in the loneliness
Of guide post silent nights
Welcome morning star appears,
heralding first light.

They will go forever
Following the line.

1 Comment

  • Gday m8, was good to read ur poems,
    Sitting out the front of court , where back to rome all the roads roam,
    As we follow the lines, nvr questioning the end,
    Well keep following those lines until our bitter end.
    Ofc no such thing as death , untill upgrade this flesh well be back again, to repeat the same old patterns or bring thm to an end. Creating great ones, in fact a new heaven on earth instead of this hell of seperation frm goodness we allow tht begins within our heart & head.
    Off to buy one of ur books , thanks that your always is awesome! 🙂

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