August 25, 2019

Watchin’ Cattle

Watchin’ Cattle

Was watchin’ cattle hunkered down on a dinner camp flat.
Hobbled my horse grazing nearby.
Finished my sandwich from the saddle bag,
layin’ back drowsy watchin’ cattle n sky.

A scraping sound entered my mind,
gently scraping closer nearby,
a rock plopped louder a buzzing fly,
caused me to open drowsy eyes.

A bungarras crept cautiously onto my space,
there we are horizontal l👀kin’ eye to eye‼️
I leapt back,
bung swung round
it’s powerful tail sweeping the ground
morsel of bread clamped firm in its mouth‼️

Horse knickered quieteley tossing its head.
Cattle camped up,
no comment from them👍

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