December 26, 2019



Before air was conditioned
Not that long ago
Truckin’ traffic dodged along
quietley with the flow.

Dollying on, cross plain and range,
gibber flats distant
in shimmering haze.

Contending with problems,
roads constant attack.
Wheel bearings, brake shoes,
rocker boxes, spring packs,
juddering along
copping flack
from the track

There’s a rail head waiting
in weekend repose.
Platforms deserted,
goods shed door slid closed.

Rakes of wagons on spur
lines waiting to go.
Trucks homin’ in on Mondays rail yard,
rail staff shunt out wagons
to unload and reload.

And labourers sweat freely,
man handling loose freight,
swingin’ crank handles,
craned weights dangle in space.

Late afternoon breeze
kicks quietly in.
Railway Pub bar
beckons within.

As the town eases back on another long day,
dust n scrap paper swirl cross the rail yard.
Platforms deserted,
goods shed doors slid closed.

Happy Christmas
👍 jt

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