November 3, 2014


You’re only as old as your joints ‘n’ limbs.
Thinning out hair unkempt stubble on chins,
a dead giveaway of age creeping in.

As chemical levels concentrate from within,
we balance ’em up with medication.

With teeth prone to loosen ‘n’ body bits sag.
There’s a truck load of potions
to apply when things flag.

At least you’ll be happy ‘n’ slick preening off.

There is exercise, for fanatical types
‘n’ it’s getting popular out riding a bike.
Pumping along in elastic tights.
Hunched over racing wind whistling by.
Which is great in the moment,
but there’s kilometres to ride.

Your only as old
as the gleam in your eye
so long as your out there.
Havin’ a try!!

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