June 30, 2014


Ponies and schooners,
middies and pints.
Whilin’ way time
as yarns reelin’ by.

Way out past closing,
near in on dawn.
Publicans still pouring,
stifles a yawn.

Heard all the stories
other side of the bar,
heard ’em so often
can repeat ’em by heart.

Knows all the stayers
will see ’em again.
Knows all the jokes
and the yarns off by rote.

They’re slowin’ he noted,
dawn pinkin’ outside.
Punching the button
on the glass washers side.

Sending foam spray
gushing inside,
bunching bar towels,
end of the bar.

Drinkers slowed up,
some headed off,
Publican’s polishin’,
soon shutting up.

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