June 29, 2015

Cloud Banks

Cloud Banks

Tops o’ cloud banks flyin’ by
Desert stretches to horizons
rugged ranges rise up front as
jet stream races out full pace.

South over mountain bullhead clouds
clear blue skies and sea grass green,
smoked horizons leading out.

Descending through storm clouds
shot through with stark white light,
suns last hurrah

Split second timing,
straighten up ‘n’ drop her down
a three point landing on the strip.

Storm clouds banked up,
clear white light,
from wing tip arced to fuselage.

Seated in their cabin keep
Profiles traced in stark relief

Ground crew muffled ‘gainst the storm,
baggage trailers arc a course,
wheels cut waves roped Tarmac bay’s,
markers, signs ‘n’ paddle boards.

Evening storm abates ‘n’ brews
fresh turbulence firing soon.

Wet weather gear streams rivulets
sloshing cross wet streaming ground.

Smoked horizons blurred from view.
Taxis queued,
past carousel
and airport lounge.

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December 29, 2014


No numbers on the tables
Few street lights on the street.
White lines on the roadways,
Few seatbelts on the seats.

Cops are few and far between,
life’s a breeze as breezes blow,
floating round in Greece.

Pay as you leave the cafe or
tour out on the sea,
every one is cheerful,
service next to none.

Traditionally they’re fisho’s
Living by the sea,
boats moored off,
net and lines stacked ready,
tonight’s catch guaranteed.

Tourists fly and ferry,
arriving day and night,
long line from the harbour
relaxing from their flight.

Gazing past the landing,
headlands out to sea,
distant vessels plying trade routes,
steady as they steam.

Life’s a breeze as breezes blow,
floating round in Greece.

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September 8, 2014

Camped Up

Goin’ along
Slowin’ down

Bit of tucker, takin’ its toll.
Early starts workin’, slowly its way,
slowin’ down properly comin’ midday.

Chasing that slowly swirling black spot.
Mind’s eye following the 3D plot.
Droppin’ below a level in space, needing a spell.
Under a shade, on a dry shingle creek.

Lost for a while.

Chasing that spot, swirling round slowly, deep in my mind.
Out to it properly, half hour respite.
Back up in a moment refreshed for the night,
heading on out, alert, Gaining pace.

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August 17, 2014

Dreamin’ As We Fly (BlairHowe)

He set aside studios
For people in his space
Developed quite an industry
Set a cracking pace.

Didn’t go much for the arts,
Apart from photographs.
And many scale models of new and old aircraft.

Bunbury flying schools club house
with its unique display,
of every kite known to man.
Hanging From the ceiling,
diving from the walls.

There’s aircraft in the hangars,
there’s aircraft homing in,
from all points you could call.
They’re doing bumps and circuits,
learning how to fly

And the “nanchang” pilots
diving from way up in the sky.
Pulling out on G force,
that leaves your boots behind.

Rolling slowly on a wing tip
as landscape flashes by.
Dissapearing for the moment,
seems hours dragging by.

Reappears across the ranges,
Distant speck in a blue sky.
Studios in cloud breaks.
Dreamin’ as we fly.

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June 16, 2014


I’ve been to Versailles and the champ-élysées,
seen Mona Lisa through crowds on the wall.
Angels and devils hover above.
Michelangelo painted ’em all.

Pitch forks and maidens, chubby faced kids,
halos and stuff by the score.
All of the moss and every rock,
carefully shaped and placed cross this land.

In churches and villas and chateaux and squares,
rock wall cities radiate from.
Nice to drift through on a canal boat for two
on a gentle cruise down the Somme.

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May 12, 2014


Through fluffy clouds
a Distant coast,
creek lines wander,
fences straight.

Inland as 30,000 feet
of eagle’s view,
out from a seat,
speeding home,
mission complete.

White flat whorls
of desert white,
drain-off clay-pans westwardly,
trickling slowly
off to sea.

Linked in quilts
of grey and green
as seasons roll
on steadily.

Sailing through on silver wings,
cotton clouds a solid floor,
a glimpse of green in paddocks sewn,
fallow ground close stock clipped mown.

Closer in as country changes,
national parks,
low banksia ranges,
water courses to the coast.

Switch back creeks, through towns and gullies,
glimpses of long billabongs,
shady gums,
eroded banks,
minds-eye beckons,
thinking back on rivers running.

Bankers grew as water poured.
Headwaters out 200k, north and south and westward
Flowed, through land in drought across its space,
flowed through a dusty dreadful waste of weakened livestock bogged and drowned,
sailed down stream at record pace.

Jammed in logs
to feed the crows
and carrion patrolling near,
indulge themselves on stricken steer.

As waters ease,
hot sun bakes down
on flats and rivers,
cooking clay,
humid mirage and insects play
in brilliant white,
shimmering display.

Mind’s-eye beckons back on course.
Long way back,
way back up north.
Lakes slow whorl in ancient pattern,
trickle slow to water courses,
billabongs shine ‘long its reaches,
marks along the countries features.

Steadily to gleaming sea,
below the clouds on lost horizons.

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Cloud Banks
Camped Up
Dreamin’ As We Fly (BlairHowe)